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The Project Life


It starts with an idea.  Before doing anything else, we start by defining the goals, scope, deadlines, and budget of a project.


The planning phase is the sweet spot of a successful project.  Setting milestones and tasks helps ensure success is baked-in.


When we execute, we put all of our hard work into action.  We monitor teams and make adjustments as necessary to adapt to changes as they arise.


We always make sure to close out a project and identify that our team has completed all of the requirements of the project. In many projects, delivery is a big milestone but adoption and engagement still need to be nurtured.


The Problem:

A prominent jewelry designer asked us to increase web sales and traffic.

The Solution:

First, we increased the quality and quantity of images and videos on the company website and social media accounts.

Next, we implemented an email and traditional marketing strategy for new and current customers.

Finally, we increased strategic promotions across all platforms and outlets.

The Outcome:

We doubled web traffic and revenue within one year.

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Do you work with sales teams often?

Yes! We work with all the systems of a company to increase measurable aspects of efficiency and positive engagement.  Our success metrics are often revenue oriented but sometimes we get to have fun just for the heck of it!



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How are you reaching your ideal customer?  How are you communicating with them on a regular basis?  We help businesses strategize and then create photos, videos, and rich content to drive new business.

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Jonathan Rizzo

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Marketing Ain't Easy

Marketing Ain't Easy

Nashville, Tennessee's Project based Advertising Agency offering Strategic Consulting, Professional Photography and Video Services.

Specializing in Product Shots, Music Photos and Videos, Head Shots, TV Commercials, and Magazine Ads.

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